Hydroponics Agriculture System

Hydroponics Agriculture System

H-50ITS–The Hydroponics agricultural system is a study of how to plant plants without land. Hydroponics (developed from a medium of water) is a method of planting plants in a Hara solution (larutan hara) or solid matter such as quartz sand. Of course hydroponics growing is carried out in a laboratory. The medium of water is also named NFT (Nutrient Flow Technique). Plants are planted in a washbasin containing water mixed with Hara solution. The solution has to have enough oxygen. The degree of acidity is about 6..5-7. This method is carried out exactly in Japan.
Hydroponics has been known only by physiology scientists for three centuries. Then, hydroponics was developed modernly by Dr. W.F. Gericke from California University in 1936. He successfully planted tomato plants and they grew to as long as 3 meters. Hydroponic plants was also grown in Japan in the 1950’s, this process wasn’t known in Indonesia until the 1980’s.
There are three hydroponic methods which include using water, sand, and porous material. In Indonesia, the second and the third method are the most popular because the treatments are easier than the first. The first hydroponic method is applied at the Serayu Farma firm in Depok. The third method uses roof-tile pieces, concentrate brick and gravel. Plants only function with support and also as an exploiter of excessive solutions and water. Therefore, plants must be watered using a Hara solution. Note: Hara is a solution content for feeding placed on land directed for plants.

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