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ITS–I-27-1-GIMNASTICGymnastics has a long history in Indonesia, dating back to the Japanese’s brief reign over the archipelago during World War II. Apart from recruiting and training youngsters to become back-up militia, the Japanese troops brought in a morning workout habit called taiso. All students were obliged to undergo some physical exercises before starting their study.

The Indonesian government learned a lot from the benefits of taiso and made the morning work-out compulsory for students as well as civil servants throughout the country. The government arranged a series of gymnastic steps with an estimated duration of 15 minutes called SenamPagi Indonesia (Indonesian morning work-out).

The Ministry of Education launched new gymnastic steps for school children on May 2nd, 1995, which also marked the golden year celebration. Gymnastics as a sports event developed exclusively under the guidance of the Indonesian Gymnastics Association (Persani). Indonesian gymnasts have yet to reach the summit at the international level, but they come out as strong contenders against the gymnastic powerhouse of Thailand.

Persani hired international coaches from Romania, the home of the gymnastic legend Nadia Comanecchi, in 1994 to boost the national talents’ performance in international events.

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