Gandaria (Bouea Macrophylla)

Gandaria (Bouea Macrophylla)

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ITS–F-43-1-GANDARIAThe Bouea macrophylla, called gandaria in the Indonesian language, is in fact not very popular in Indonesia because of the sour taste of its fruit. The trees are only popular among the people of West Java, where the locals eat the leaves and consider the sour taste of the fruit good.

The tree is grouped in the same family with the mango (Mangiferaindica). It never grows above 25 meters tall. The leaves are dark green and grow abundantly.  As a result of this leafy foliage, the tree is easily identified from a distance. Its fruits grow in clusters, are initially green, and turn reddish-yellow at maturity.

In the past, the people of West Java planted the trees in their front yards. As a matter of fact, they can also grow on empty plots and woods without being taken care of. The plants naturally prefer sandy plots with enough water to grow.

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