Gambyong Dance

Gambyong Dance

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E-73-10-GAMBYONGITS–Gambyong dance is well known in Surakarta, Central Java. It is performed either by a single girl or more (massal). In addition to dancing, the dancer sings certain songs (sinden). Therefore, the dancers of theGambyong dance have to be able to sing certain songs as well. The movements of the dance show how a young girl makes up herself to show off her beauty.

The dancing costumes consist of a batik wiron cloth, kemben (to cover chest), smooth sampur, and sanggulkonde (chignon or hair bun). The gamelan musical instrument accompanying the dance is a pelog-like or slendro-like instrument.

There are three different kinds of Gambyong dance, which differ as a result of the musical instrument used, namely: Gambyong Parianom, Gambyong Pancerana, and Gambyong Pangkur.

The Gambyong dance is usually performed as a loose dance and prior to a reception or banquet or dinner party.

The Gambyong dance is familiar with people in Surakarta due mainly to their hospitality and good manners which are reflected in the tender movements of the dance. Other than Surakarta, the dance is also known in some areas such as Madiun, Kediri, Nganjuk, Ngawi, Bojonegoro, and Pacitan. In East Java, however, the dance is performed in the event of Tayuban (a kind of a dance in which male members of the audience are invited to join professional female dancers).

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