Fragifani (Plumeria Acuminata)

Fragifani (Plumeria Acuminata)

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F-26-2-FRAGIFANIITS– The Fragifani is a small ornamental tree, native to the tropical countries of America. In Bali, Indonesia, this plant is very popularly used as a dancer’s accessory. The dancers put the flower behind their ears, while the people of Bali often incorporate this fragrant flower into many ritual ceremonies.

The botanical name for this species is Plumeria acuminata, and it belongs to the Apocynaceae family. The tree can grow about 2-6 m high,has many branches, and exudes sap (milky juice). The leaves are oval with pointed tips on the blades. The petioles are long. The flower is big, odorous, generally a whitish-yellow, and falls easily. The shape of the flower is like a tube. The central part of the flower is yellow. The Fragifani flowers bloom all year. The fruit’s is a green-brown tube. The plant can easily be cultivated  by cloning.

In Indonesia, the plant usually growsabove 1.000 meters. People in Indonesia call this tree “kamboja” or “kemboja”. The Fragifani plant is commonly used as an ornamental tree incemeteries. Some people inbig cities also use the Fragigani as an ornamental plant and grow it incity gardens and in the yards around their houses.

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