Flower Triggerfish (Balistoides Conspicillum)

Flower Triggerfish (Balistoides Conspicillum)

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G-80-1-BALISTOIDESITS–The Flower Triggerfish (Balistoides  conspicillum), popular among Indonesian sea fish traders under the name “Trigger Kembang” or Pakol, is the most expensive and aggressive among all sea fish.

The fish is called triggerfish because it can lock its dorsal fins’ spine into an erect position. If it sneaks into coral and erects its spine, it will be difficult to retrieve it from coral. That’s its way of saving itself from being captured by humans.

Its basic colour is black with large white spots all over its body. Its mouth is ringed yellow and orange. There are two yellow spots on its body: on its head and back respectively. The species is widely distributed in India and the Pacific Ocean, from the Red Sea to the Samoan Islands, Hokkaido and New Caledonia.

It is a fish found in solitary, spotted near steep areas three to 40 meters deep. The young fish are usually seen near holes or caves less than 20 meters deep. It is a carnivorous fish, feeding on among others, zooplank­tons, shrimp, mollusks and echnidodermata.

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