Field Hockey

Field Hockey

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ITS–I-25-2-HOKIHistorians believe that field hockey has been played since 4,000 B.C in Persia. Archaeologistshave also found that the ancient Egyptians played the game. The sport was expanded to the west, with Greece, the birthplace of Olympic Games, adopting field hockey as a popular game around 500 B.C. England was the first country to develop modern hockey, when the first club was founded in Black health in 1861. The Hockey society in England set up new rules for the game in 1900 and applied them in the first hockey competition in 1908.

The international hockey federation was created in 1924, years after the sport had spread all over the world.  Many countries, such as Holland, Germany, India, and Pakistan gave a special reception to the sport which today makes them the world’s strongest hockey powerhouses. A number of European and American countries brought the sport to the ice. Ice hockey has been included at the Winter Olympics.

The Dutch and English colonial era served as the milestone of Indonesia’s hockey history. In the 1930s students of the teaching institute (HIK) in Bandung were the first Indonesians to play the sport. Yusuf Ismail, Padmo Soemasko, and S. Asikin promoted the sport throughout the country. They pioneered the establishment of the Indonesian Hockey Association (PHSI) in 1954, and four years later Indonesia formally joined FIH.

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