Dendrobium Insigne

Dendrobium Insigne

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F-17-1--DENDITS–Dendrobium insigne, is native to the island of Papua and its surrounding islands, which are world famous for its many tropical orchids. The natural habitat of this plant is the warmplaces in the rain forest.

The stems of the plant are stiff and grow erect in clumps. The stems can reach a length of about one meter. The shape of the leaf is oval and oblong. The leaves are green, and the blades are stiff and fleshy. The leaf’s size is about six centimetres long and three centimetres wide. The flowers are brown and blurred with some light yellow tinctures.

The sepals may reach about two centimetres. The petals are shorter than the sepal. The petals can reach a length of about 1.5 cm. This species can be cultivated by seeding and cloning, and has many good genetic qualities, and florists oftencrossbreed it to produce new hybrids.

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