Coconut (Cocos Mucifera)

Coconut (Cocos Mucifera)

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ITS–F-54-1-KELAPAThe coconut (Cocos mucifera), called kelapa in the Indonesian language, is one of the most familiar plants in tropical countries.  It grows throughout the Indonesian archipelago.

The coconut tree reaches a height of 4 to 25 meters. Its stem is erect or slightly curved. It produces numerous leaves which measure about 4 to 6 meters long. One leaf contains many blades. The blades are green, shaped like a sword, taper to itspoint, and measure from 60 to 100 centimetres long. The male flower’s sepals are oval, and the petals are yellow and narrowly oval. The female’s sepals are bigger and also yellow. Its fruit is colored yellow or green and have a hard pericarp. The endosperms are white and measure 6 to 16millimeters long. The fruit is produced throughout the year.

The natural habitat of this tree is the seashore, but it often grows well at an altitude of 1,300 meters.

People traditionally make oil from its fruit. The fresh endo­permscan be eaten uncooked or can be used for making a variety of foodstuffs. The stem is used for furniture materials or char­coal and the leaves are usually used as a broom. The root is traditionally used to heal fever.

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