Cempala Kuneng (Copsychus Pyrropygus)

Cempala Kuneng (Copsychus Pyrropygus)

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G-1-1-CEMPALA-KUNINGThe Copsychus pyrropygus, called in  Bahasa Indonesia Nuri Emas or Cempala Kuneng, is the proud bird of the Aceh people. It is mentioned in many folklores dating back to the era of the Sultan Iskandar Muda, who ruled Aceh from 1604 to 1637.  Today, the leaders of Aceh have even named it the province’s bird.

The species is now very rare, and too few studies (if any at all) about it have been conducted. That’s why a lot is unknown about the species including its breeding behaviour and habitat. Currently, a study is in progress to reveal various facts about this bird.

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