Celebes Sailfish (Telmatherina Ladigesi)

Celebes Sailfish (Telmatherina Ladigesi)

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ITS–G-76-1-TELMATERINA--LThe Celebes Sailfish or Celebes Rainbowfish (Telmatherina ladigesi), called in Indonesian Bonti-Bonti, is native to the island of Sulawesi (formerly called Celebes).

Attaining a length of seven centimetres, its body is light yellow with a bright iridescent blue horizontal line stretching along the middle of the body. It has two separate dorsal fins, the first very small and copper-in colour, the second large and bright yellow becoming more orange-red at its base.

Living mainly in the middle layers of water, the fish eats worms, crustaceans, insects, and dried food. A peaceful fish, it can be mixed with any other species. It should be kept in a well-planted aquarium which gets a good amount of sunlight.

Spawning usually takes place in the morning, usually one at a time. If the parents are well fed, there is little danger that its eggs will be eaten. Eggs hatch in eight to 12 days, and the fries can immediately swim and eat.

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