Bridal Costum of South Kalimantan Province

Bridal Costum of South Kalimantan Province

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C-17-KALSELITS–The province of South Kalimantan is home to the Banjar, Bukit Hulubanyu and Dayak Balangan people. This stamp features the bridal costume of the Banjar people. The man wears a long-sleeved shirt, called a baju poko, and a velvet overcoat. The trousers are also made of velvet and, like the shirt, feature the centipede, star, bamboo shoot and seawave motifs. He also wears a cloth around his waisthanging from the waist to the knee, where he usually hides an amulet. The waistcloth is kept in place with a metal belt with floral motifs. A keris weapon is tucked at the waist.

He also wears a headdress, conical in shape, called laung tajak siak, and a necklace with the shape of the sun and its rays. The woman also wears the baju poko with the same motifs as the man’s, but hers isshort-sleevedd. A long cloth, rich in motif, is wound around her body from the breast to the ankle. It is kept in place with a metal waistbelt with a motif of the sun and its rays. The breast is also covered with a velvet cloth called kida-kida, which is decorated with golden beads.

The head is decorated with a beautiful headgear, called baamar galung, and strings of flowers. She also wears earrings and bracelets.

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