Bridal Costum of North Sulawesi Province

Bridal Costum of North Sulawesi Province

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C-21-BD-15-SULSELITS–The North Sulawesi Province is home to several tribes, including the Minahasa, Gorontalo, Bolaang Mongondow and Sangihe Talaud. Each has different bridal clothes. This stamp features the Gorontalo bridal clothes.

The man wears a velvet shirt and a pair of trousers; on both sides the clothes are tasseled with gold thread. The shirt is adorned with brass accessories in the form of buttons and clove flowers, which are knitted at the neck, chest, and sleeves. He also wears a brass belt, called bituo, and a keris weapon.

Atop his head, he wears a big crown, called makuta, decorated with brass accessories in floral and faunal forms.

The woman wears a velvet blouse and skirt. Like the groom’s dress, the blouse and skirt are adorned with various brass trappings. Her nails are covered with gold and are long and sharp.

Like the man, she also wears large headgear, called shunting, which is adorned with a variety of brass accessories in floral and faunal forms. Other accessories include earrings, wide necklaces and bracelets

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