Bridal Costum of Maluku Province

Bridal Costum of Maluku Province

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C-22-BD-8-MALUKUITS–The bridal costumes on this stamp belong to the Central Maluku community. The costumes appear simple and are very similar to traditional Dutch costumes. The groom wears a white shirt made of cotton, a coat and pair of trousers colored to match the bride’s costume.

The bride wears a brocade blouse, sewn very much like the traditional Maluku baju cele blouse; and a velvet cloth used as a skirt, which may be colored bright red, pink, violet, or dark red. She also wears a V-shaped stole which hangs down from her neck to below her breast; and a plaited handkerchief, called lenso, tied to her left waist. Her accessories are simple, including an ornamental golden moon around the chignon.

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