Bridal Costum of DKI Jakarta Province

Bridal Costum of DKI Jakarta Province

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C-9-BD-13-JAKARTAITS–This stamp features the bridal costumes of the Betawi people, the natives of Jakarta. The costumes are markedly influencedby Chinese culture, which is understandable because Chinese have lived in Jakarta for centuries. This influence can be seen in the peacock and dragon motifs of the costumes.

In addition to Chinese influence, an Arabian influence can be seen in the grooms wearing of an Arabian habit.

The groom wears a pair of trousers, but they are hidden behind the habit. He also wears a long coat featuring peacock and dragon motifs, and a hat adorned with jasmine.

The bride wears a velvet blouse with a Shanghai-style collar. The chest is decorated with a velvet lotus, which is either sewn to the blouse or separated from it. Her skirt is made of velvet and decorated with peacock and dragon motifs.

Her head accessories are plentiful, including several peacock chignons and a crown to which a number of ornamental strings are attached, hanging down to cover her face.

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