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ITS–I-28-1-BOATThe Indonesian ancestors were naturally born to rule the waves with their tremendous sailing mastery. Surrounded by millions of square miles of ocean, Indonesians are tough sailors by birth. Sailing boats were the only feasible transportation devices for traders. Fishermen have also been using boats to go miles away from the shores for hundreds of years.

It is no surprise, then, that the Indonesian Navy has been billed as one of the strongest forces in the world. Admiral Mahayati of the Aceh was the first female navy commander on the planet.

The natural life encourages Indonesian people to drill their craftiness into making sailing boats. The Sulawesi tribes are well known for their dexteroushand-made boats called phinsihi.  A phinishi boat constructed by Bira and Ara villagers in South Sulawesi sailed on a monumental trip from Ujung Pandang to Vancouver, Canada, covering 11,000 nautical miles in 1986.

A book entitled The East Monsoon was published by GEP Collingsin 1933 as an acknowledgement to the masterful Ara and Bira villagers. The Indonesian Sailing Association (Porlasi) was set up to develop boat sailing as a sport. A huge sailing extravaganza was held in August 1995 to celebrate Indonesia’s golden anniversary. The international sailing features hundreds of domestic and foreign boats, including a number of warships.

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