Batang Tuaka Folktale

Batang Tuaka Folktale

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A-004-4 cera-batang tuna-3ITS–This sroty is folktale of Melayu Tribe living at Riau Province. Tuaka was the only son of a very poor widow. They lived in the river bank of Indragiri, Riau Province.  One day while Tuaka was out in the forest searching for firewood he saw two snakes fighting each other over a batu kemala, a very expensive and precious stone. They couldn’t get the stone, and it dropped down into his hand. He then sold the stone to a merchant. As it was very expensive and the merchant did not have enough cash at the moment, they agreed to solve out the transaction in Temasik, in the harbor of Singapore, because the merchant would do his business there. With a heavy heart, his mother let him go and asked him to come back home as soon as he had finished his business.

It seemed that Tuaka had a different idea in his mind. He decided to become a merchant in Singapore and to marry a woman that lived there. He eventually became a very rich merchant. One day his wife said that she wanted to see her mother in-law whomshe had not met her before. Then Tuaka and his wife came to Indragiri by ship. His mother was among the people coming to welcome Tuaka who had become a foreign success. Seeing his simple and old mother, Tuaka rebuked and did not admit that she was actually his mother. She was offended and then she cursed the treacherous Tuaka; he became an Eagle and his wife became a Pigeon. The place where the curse took place is now known as Batang Tuaka.

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ITS- After more than five decades, the Asian