Baksa Kembang Dance

Baksa Kembang Dance

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E-73-3-BEKSA-KEMBANGITS–Baksa Kembang dance is an honorary dance with flowers being the heart of the dance (Baksa means honor and Kembang for Flower). Years ago this dance was familiar only to the King’s inner circle in South Kalimantan and was performed only for them and honorary guests. The music, movements and costumes of this dance were mostly influenced by Javanese culture. The musical accompaniment, for example, is thegamelan orchestra and the movements are slow and graceful following the rhythm of such songs as Ayam Malas, Soranggung and Candramata.

Originally, the dance was performed by one dancer (a girl) but as time went on it took on more young women as they became interested in the dance and began to perform it in groups, depending on the number of guests. In its development the baksa kembang dance has been modified such that there are three kinds of the dance namely Baksa Kembang, Baksa Panah and Baksa Tameng.

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