Ampera Bridge

Ampera Bridge

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AmperaITS–Ampera Bridge is well known in Indonesia. It is located in Palembang in South Sumatra. We can find this city icon in the middle of the city of Palembang linking Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir, two regions that are separated by the Musi River. The bridge has a length of 1117 meters,a width of 22 meters, a height 74.5 meters, and a weight of 944 tons. The construction of this bridge started in April 1962, after obtaining approval from President Sukarno. The use of the bridge opened officially in 1965.

For a few years after it opened, the center span could be lifted at 10 meters per second to allow ships of up to 44.5m in height to pass underneath. However, this only occurred a few times, and after 1970 it could no longer be opened. The official reason for this was that the 30 minutes needed to raise the bridge was causing unacceptable delays, and that in any case the silting of the river had made it impassable for large ships. According to architect Wiratman, who acted as a consultant before the construction, said the design of the bridge was flawed from the outset because of the soft mud on which it was built. He maintains that his concerns were ignored for political reasons, and that as the towers’ foundations shifted, the bridge deformed to the extent that it could no longer be opened. The ballast weights needed to balance the weight of the bridge were removed in 1990 to prevent possible accidents if they were to fall.

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