ACMI to Promote Indonesian Cuisine to the World

ACMI to Promote Indonesian Cuisine to the World

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The I Love Indonesian Cuisine Community (ACMI) is determined to conserve and promote Indonesian diverse culture through culinary experiences. The community regularly holds three main activities such as potluck and culinary sharing with the younger generations, and promotion to foreigns countries that is called culinary diplomacy.

In a press conference in Jakarta, Santhi, one of the founders of ACMI said weakness to the promotion of Indonesian foods to the international world is that the foods are often served in less attractive appearance. She also concerns about the low food safety quality, especially among the street foods.

gudeg-stamps“Many factors are related in it, from the unhygienic water provision infrastructure, lack of knowledge about hygienic food-handling method, or the use of harmful substances that shouldn’t be used on foods,” Shanti explained as reported by

From the food diversification perspective, Shanti shows that Indonesia has diverse kinds of carb foods. For example, Papuans who used to consume sago are now driven to consume rice. In other regions, people are still consuming cassava and yams instead of rice (get more information on Indonesia cuisine in ITS book).

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