Aceh House

Aceh House

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ACEHITS–The traditional House of Aceh, like most of original buildings in Sumatra, is a stage house made of wooden poles or bamboo. The pole height from the ground into the floor is about three feet, which help to protect the homeowner from wild animal attacks because Sumatra is well known for wild animals. Commonly,Acehnese are devout Muslims. Influence of religion appears in the construction of their house, especially in traditional homes which only have two bedrooms. This house belongs to women (mothers).One bedroom is for the parents, while the other is for girls who are not married yet. Adolescent boys and unmarried adults usually sleep in the mosque. The parents’ bedroom is considered sacred and therefore lies on the raised floor. The guest room is beside the family room. There is a room to receive male guests on the lower floor. Meanwhile, the women’s room for receiving guestsis behind the main room. In between these two meeting rooms is a space called seketeng.

Actually, the seketeng serves to distinguish something common and private. The common stuff is carried on the front, while the private stuff is done in the back floor. A man who is not part of the family isnot allowedto pass by the seketeng. The kitchen is located on the back, which is called dapu. There are also places reserved for cooking called tiphik. On the side of the kitchen, there is usually an emergency pit which serves to remove the bodies. Acehnese traditional houses shape isuniform. The shape is square with three lines extending parallel to the floor of the roof ridge.

The rooftop is always slanted East to West. While the door and the stairs face North or South. Traditional Aceh houses are usually clustered lies in a limited area. Therefore, they have a narrow yard. Originally, the house has a large yard. However, when the population grew, the people of Aceh built more homes in the same area. This causes their yardlimited.

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